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Welcome to The Sandbox!

The fan-based DragonVale website that anyone can edit!

With 132 articles and growing, we are an expanding source of all things related to DragonVale!

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The Wizard's Journal

Welcome to The Sandbox!

This page helps you stay up to date with what's happening on the wiki.

If you're the founder or an admin on this wiki, you can change this message to talk to the community about important things happening on the site. For example, you could:

  • Organize a project to build up an area of the wiki
  • Show off some new pages that everyone should see
  • Get people involved in a discussion that's happening on the site
  • Give a shout-out to a contributor who's added something special to the wiki
  • Or just post some words of encouragement!
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Editing Manual


"Featured here is our very own Editing Manual! This page will be used as a reference for editors on how to format the articles here on The DragonVale Sandbox Wiki in a more standard, organized manner. It is recommended that new users and veteran also check out this article for ways to best maintain the standard on this wiki."
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DragonValeWikiAffiliate DearDragonValeWikiAffiliate
DragonVale Wiki Dear DragonVale Wiki
This is a Community-driven wiki that will only thrive from quality contributions that can only be made by members like YOU!
This Wiki is not meant to be a replacement, competitor, or copycat of DragonVale Wiki - this is currently just a place to test things ranging from various projects, templates, or page layouts that may or may not be brought over to DragonVale Wiki, for personal use, or even on another wiki.
However, this does not mean that this Wiki does not have it's own set of rules and policies. Please refer to the Policy Page and Editing Manual before diving in, this place can only remain as long as things are kept neat and orderly so please do not break the rules and have fun!

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